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The Secret to Better CMO/CIO Collaboration Lies In The Cloud | IBM – Advertising Age

So true; cloud may be the solution but team collaboration will never go away!

The Secret to Better CMO/CIO Collaboration Lies In The Cloud

CMOs are feeling quite popular these days, and with good reason. By now you can recite this Gartner prediction in your sleep: marketing will spend more on IT than the IT department by 2017. Naturally, nearly every tech vendor on the planet has taken notice. A flood of innovative new solutions have launched to help CMOs better connect with customers and make them the new heroes of the C-suite.

Just a few years ago, these advanced solutions were just out of marketers’ reach. Standing in their way was an array of hoops and hurdles, from the IT department to procurement and beyond. So while digital, mobile and social innovations were changing the retail game at a dizzying pace, marketers felt stuck in the mud, unable to test drive or take advantage of all the new marketing toys in the toy store.

But then came the cloud


Effectively Harnessing Chinese Video Platforms For Marketing Success | Forrester Blogs


If you still consider online video advertising merely as a complement to TV advertising in China, then you are wrong. My latest report “Marketers Embrace The Power Of Digital Video In China” tells you why.

In this report, based on the analysis of Chinese online consumers’ video consumption behavior and marketers’ spending intention, we conclude that online video is becoming mainstream to both Chinese consumers and marketers.

  • Consumers embrace online video and ad-supported entertainment. Forrester’s Technographics® data shows that 95% of metro Chinese online adults watch videos on a computer at least monthly, compared with 49% in the US. Also, 72% of metro Chinese online adults prefer advertising-supported free content over pay-per-view content.
  • Marketers are shifting ad budget from TV to online video in China. Unlike in the US and Europe where online video is taking budget from print or direct mail, marketers in China begin to shift ad budget from TV to online video.

The report also pinpoints two key issues that marketers encounter in video marketing in China:

  • Price inflation due to limited ad inventory. The demand for professionally produced digital video content is outstripping supply and prices are reaching new heights. On the other hand, video platforms prolonged pre-roll ad length to create more inventory and cause a new problem of ad clutter.
  • Complex and fast-changing video platform landscape. Two recent mergers – Youku-Tudou and Baidu-iQiyi-PPS – reshaped the landscape greatly and brought both challenges and opportunities to marketers.

To help marketers better solve problems and grasp opportunities, we evaluate the strengths of the different video platforms available and recommend three key video marketing strategies that marketers should apply in China.

Hope you enjoy the report. If you have any thoughts or questions, please leave a comment or contact me at xwang.

Digital Effectively harnessing Chinese video platforms for marketing success

More convincing facts for marketeers?

Date: 13-07-18

How Are Companies Using Social Media For Customer Relations Management? INFOGRAPHIC « A llTwitter

How Are Companies Using Social Media For Customer Relations Management? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media is often talked about a a great marketing tool, but it can be equally powerful when it comes to customer relations management (CRM). Here’s how top brands are using Twitter, Facebook and other networks to develop strong relationships with, and gather data from, their customers.

This infographic comes to us from CMSWire, and explores the current state of social customer relationship management.

For starters, they found that 38 percent of marketers simply do not have a plan in place for developing social media as a customer relations tool – and they’re missing out.

The top three uses of social media when it comes to CRM are:

  • accelerated sales: customers who have some interactions with a brand via social media spend 20-40 percent more on that brand
  • understanding customer experience: customers often want coupons, discounts or exclusive deals from the social channels of the brands they follow
  • customer support: 17 percent of consumers in the past year have used social media for a customer service response

The infographic also details the priorities that senior marketing executives place on different aspects of social CRM, the three biggest challenges, and the percentage of spending that social CRM receives across the board. Take a look below:

(Infographic courtesy of CMSWire; Customer service image via Shutterstock)

Posted by Lauren Dugan on November 6, 2012.

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