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[Digital] PlayStation: Real Time Projection Mapping Ads

This is a cool way to showcase PlayStation’s “Immersive Movie Experience. The fact that the video is shot in 1 take, with no special effects is amazing! And not forgetting using real-time tracking too…

I’m definitely impressed!



[Digital Sharing] – Save the Voice Talents (Beyond Radio Advertising)

In the digital space, we see traditional mediums slowly gaining less traction. However, we all can agree that radio is still an important medium to reach out to consumers. Well, the young don’t really listen to the radio these days (thanks to Mr. Jobs and his certain iPod music player creation)… so, there has to be new innovative ways to continue getting into the consumers’ ears (literally).

With the launch of Siri on iPhone 4s and soon, Majel on the Android devices – voice activation or voice recognition is gaining popularity worldwide and soon, in Asia too! Brands can take advantage of this technology and be innovative in getting their presence to the consumers!

Here’s a quote which I picked up from an article, and I find this very interesting:

 “An advertisement on the radio could potentially ‘talk’ to your mobile phone and remind you of promotions when you’re near the store, provide more information or give special discounts.”

Here’s an example on how the future can be. Tell me what you think!

: New Google Phone Service Whispers Targeted Ads Directly Into Users’ Ears [link]

– In your conversation with friends, keywords that are spoken will trigger “ads” to be played within the same conversation

– Other things Google has done are – ads in your ringtone and ads in your GPS app!

Finally, here’s a question for you… have you tried the Google’s Voice Search for Desktop? Go to, click on the microphone icon and speak up! You can try that on your mobile phone too… Have some fun with it!













This is the future – voice-activated ads! Beware, as I may come hijack your phone conversations one day…