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[Digital Sharing] – Christmas is coming

Heineken: Super Social Christmas Tree (

How about saying Merry Christmas in a big way – socially, of course? Here’s Heineken’s Super Social Christmas Tree, which is a BIG digital art installation (11 meters tall, with 48 huge LCD screens stacked together). To get your greetings up there, just go to the Facebook App and create your own Christmas greeting to your friends. If your greeting message is selected, you will see your message on this Super Social Christmas Tree in Clarke Quay, Singapore (17-26 Dec). Even if you can’t go there, you can get a recording of the tree. I think it is gonna be a cool Christmas tree…

This example shows how to integrated social media with on-ground activation.











XmasOnWheels: Live Christmas Card Installation (

This example showcases how we use Online to send a physical greeting card (well, who sends physical greeting cards anymore?)

The idea is for Swedish Post (Posten). Christmas cards started in Sweden back in 1900s, with the first designs by Jenny Nystrom. Posten took these traditional Christmas card designs and created a Christmas Card On Wheels website ( – where visitors can view live Christmas scenes that replicate the card designs. Visitors get to control a live camera that is mounted on wheels & tracks, to move around the various scenes, and also take photos of any scene and send as real Christmas cards to friends and family. Visitors can take as many photos in different variations as they wish, and they can also decide what happens in this live surrounding by being the driver of this “camera train”. It’s a simple idea to continue the tradition of sending Christmas cards in this current digital world.








Merry Christmas, everyone! Happy holidays.