[Digital Sharing] – Viral videos

Everyone knows what viral videos are… Viral videos are videos that become popular through the process of Internet sharing – usually via video sharing websites (youtube, clip.vn), social media (facebook, twitter) and email. With camera phones being popular nowadays, many videos are being shot by amateurs on these devices. Also, inexpensive video edit & publish tools (e.g. iMovie, PowerMobia or even Youtube) allow videos shot on mobile phones to be edited and distributed virally – through the Internet or via email and also between phones (via Bluetooth or MMS). These amateur-shot videos are typically non-commercial, intended for viewing by friends or family…

Some simple rules to maximize your success chances but you do not need to have all of these in your video:

1)      Identify the type of viewers intended for at the beginning (content creation stage), and not tacked on during the media planning process

2)      The first 20 seconds are important – hook them in early!

3)      High news value and timing relevance helps to increase a campaign’s viral potential – take advantage of current trends / current affairs.

4)      If branding is a must in the video (yes, yes!)… make sure it is done in a way that the video is still worth sharing and talking about (must not be any typical brand TVC).

5)      Must entertain & appeal to the masses, and not just a certain group of people.

6)      Content must be funny, authentic and most importantly, unexpected! Well, the more controversial, the better (but done in style)!

7)      One memorable line / catch-phrase is a must-have for something to really catch on and go viral.

8)      Elements within the video must be easy to duplicate or rehashed by others – some viewers like to make their own parodies (and this helps on brand engagement).

9)      Have a compelling, attention-grabbing title, with relevant tags that include already widely-searched key terms (so it is search engine friendly), and with an interesting description.

10)   Seed the video to influencers, bloggers and journalists for whom your content will be the most-relevant – where needed, you can market the video via search and display ads (but this is not necessary).

11)   Amateur-type videos / eye-witness-type videos usually work well.

There is no sure-fire way of creating a successful viral video… but if you follow the elements above, your success chances are maximized!

Now, here is the fun part… some BRANDED viral videos that have worked in some way or rather.

1. Ape with AK-47

Brand: Twentieth Century Fox (for Planet of The Apes)


2. Party Rock Anthem – Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

Brand: Kia


3. Angry Birds Live

Brand: T-Mobile


4. Unleash Your Mobile

Brand: Samsung


5. Way Back Home

Brand: Red Bull


6. Roller Babies

Brand: Evian


7. Walls

Brand: BMW


8. The Force

Brand: VW


9. Crazy Marriage Proposal

Brand: Neuro water


10. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Brand: Old Spice


11. Challenge Accepted

Brand: Old Spice


12. Hugo – Just Different, Featuring Jared Leto

Brand: Hugo Boss




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