[Digital Sharing] – some cool Facebook apps

On a lighter side, here are some cool Facebook apps or use of Facebook to create nice campaigns… Enjoy your Wednesday!


Coke Zero Facial Profiler

This app was created to exemplify the similarities of Coke and Coke Zero – same taste (but with zero calories). Users are to either upload a photo or use their own profile photo, and then the app will find complete strangers that looked like you. Cool, huh? The app attracted over 150,000 users in the first month – this shows that if there is something that appeals to our egos (or just ourselves), we will definitely show interest and demand for it… This app got support from Facebook as the facial recognition technology in photo tagging was just released at that time. Too bad the app is no longer live… but still awesome nevertheless!









Your sad friend

People love to cheer their friends up when they are down. Ok, I assume you do too. Here’s an app aimed to find your saddest friends and you get to cheer them up! This was done in Israel for Yellow Convenience Stores – to launch their house brand series Yellow Fun To Go, and it proved to be a great way to make people happy – and of course using the brand cleverly.

 Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1y6JmRABPY


Medal Of Honor

This digital campaign was developed to drive buzz around the launch of the highly anticipated Medal of Honor game in Singapore. It starts by leveraging on EA Singapore’s Facebook fans… First – a hijack on the fanpage and users who decoded the hijack will be brought into the real deal as a Tier One operator, bringing users around the island of Singapore finding answers to the clues (missions) that were released at different times. Solving the individual clues were easy, and those who read deeper into the answers figured it was actually a secret time, place and location of the final showdown – a paintball tournament (ala Tier One). And replicas of Medal of Honor were given out at the end of the paintball tournament.


The campaign got a 100% increase in fan base during the campaign period and was picked up by local and international bloggers, as well as game review sites. The conversation online was a positive one for the brand and the high level of interaction helped identified the brand advocates from the fans on the FB page.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tf_2uwElIA (crank up the volume and listen to the audio!)




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