[Digital Wednesday] – location based services

[For the folks at Lowe Vietnam]

Dear all,

Sorry, but this week’s Digital Wednesday is 1 day late… Anyhow, here are more digital campaigns to share, this time the use of LBS or Location Based Services. The 2 tools you probably use or familiar with are Foursquare and Facebook Places.

Catch A Choo

World renowned shoe designer, Jimmy Choo has created a social media campaign to launch a new shoe (trainer sneakers) – aptly called “Catch A Choo”.  The idea is pretty simple – a pair of the new Jimmy Choo’s trainers will check into some of the most exclusive and fashionable places in London, if you can track them down and “catch” them (via Foursquare check-in), then you can keep those shoes!








– 4,000 participants, a 40 percent increase in positive comments posted online and a 33 percent rise in sneaker sales


The Coke Machine Fairy

Coca Cola Australia wants to make the Coke vending machine a Happiness Machine. Using the Coke Machine Fairy, they aim to make known the locations of these Happiness Machines. Using Foursquare, the fairy checked in around Sydney and rewards users at the nominated vending machines. Followers/friends of the fairy (on Foursquare) will be informed on the location of the winning Happiness Machine. Announcements were made real-time by winners.











– 1,000+ participants in 2 weeks, the Coke Machine Fairy became a trending topic on social platforms, increased visibility of these Coke machines (on Foursquare).

> The Coke Machine Fairy: http://player.vimeo.com/video/22268775


There are other exciting treasure hunt-like activities on Foursquare – check them out here. Foursquare helps in unlocking the gems of a city… so, if you are not already on Foursquare… do sign-up! Get the app on your phone and explore new places… I am an avid user, especially since I am new to this city and I have found many good places.

These are treasure hunts done digitally, and you’d probably see more of these digital treasure hunts coming your way. Speaking of digital treasure hunts, here is another example.


Catch Lewis

This is for Nescafe Singapore, in conjunction with the launch of their limited edition Lewis Hamilton cans for the inaugural Singapore F1 in 2008. Participants are required to “race” around the internet (from social media sites, to game sites and news sites, etc – and not just using Foursquare) and quickly complete various tasks. The winner, the one who completed all tasks in the quickest time, got to meet Lewis Hamilton, and that was a key hook to drive engagement on the site, and subsequently pushed sales up.










– 270,000+ page views (6 weeks), 3000+ unique registrations, doubled sales to 15%

> Catch Lewis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVXSfW54jpc



The above campaigns are using existing social platforms – which are free! These sites have existing APIs (or application programming interfaces) which anybody can use to integrate with existing campaign websites. And if there is a great idea, most of these social sites like Google or Foursquare, will provide their support for us to make the campaign work, in our way!

Come have a chat with me about it, if you want to consider any of the above tools in your campaign! In the coming weeks, I shall share some Facebook/Twitter campaign examples.

Have a good Thursday!


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