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[Digital Sharing] Some good Facebook Fan Page examples

Coca-Cola Summer Snapshot contest

Fans are encouraged to take photos with the summer edition of Coca-Cola cans. Here, fans engage with the page:

  • the contest incorporates photos of their products with fans
  • fans can vote for their favorite photos

Photos are viewed more than anything else on Facebook.

Goes viral quickly -> when a fan posts a photo, that photo is then sent out to the news feeds of all of their friends. Hundreds of thousands of potentially new fans will see these photos.

Why fans love it?

  • Innovative promotions and fun
  • Interactive features



Oreo “Back to School Memories” campaign

Fans are asked to share their memories and photos directly on their Facebook page.
Oreo knows that their cookies have been part of many people’s lives since childhood and they use this angle to create nostalgia with their fans.
Oreo created a unique experiences for their fans and since the fans have a connection with it, they become loyal followers and keep coming back for more.
It works! -> now they have over 8 million fans!
More examples are shown here – where I got my source from:
“10 Top Facebook Pages and Why They’re Successful”
by  (Published August 31, 2010)

[Digital Sharing] – Viral videos

Everyone knows what viral videos are… Viral videos are videos that become popular through the process of Internet sharing – usually via video sharing websites (youtube,, social media (facebook, twitter) and email. With camera phones being popular nowadays, many videos are being shot by amateurs on these devices. Also, inexpensive video edit & publish tools (e.g. iMovie, PowerMobia or even Youtube) allow videos shot on mobile phones to be edited and distributed virally – through the Internet or via email and also between phones (via Bluetooth or MMS). These amateur-shot videos are typically non-commercial, intended for viewing by friends or family…

Some simple rules to maximize your success chances but you do not need to have all of these in your video:

1)      Identify the type of viewers intended for at the beginning (content creation stage), and not tacked on during the media planning process

2)      The first 20 seconds are important – hook them in early!

3)      High news value and timing relevance helps to increase a campaign’s viral potential – take advantage of current trends / current affairs.

4)      If branding is a must in the video (yes, yes!)… make sure it is done in a way that the video is still worth sharing and talking about (must not be any typical brand TVC).

5)      Must entertain & appeal to the masses, and not just a certain group of people.

6)      Content must be funny, authentic and most importantly, unexpected! Well, the more controversial, the better (but done in style)!

7)      One memorable line / catch-phrase is a must-have for something to really catch on and go viral.

8)      Elements within the video must be easy to duplicate or rehashed by others – some viewers like to make their own parodies (and this helps on brand engagement).

9)      Have a compelling, attention-grabbing title, with relevant tags that include already widely-searched key terms (so it is search engine friendly), and with an interesting description.

10)   Seed the video to influencers, bloggers and journalists for whom your content will be the most-relevant – where needed, you can market the video via search and display ads (but this is not necessary).

11)   Amateur-type videos / eye-witness-type videos usually work well.

There is no sure-fire way of creating a successful viral video… but if you follow the elements above, your success chances are maximized!

Now, here is the fun part… some BRANDED viral videos that have worked in some way or rather.

1. Ape with AK-47

Brand: Twentieth Century Fox (for Planet of The Apes)

2. Party Rock Anthem – Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

Brand: Kia

3. Angry Birds Live

Brand: T-Mobile

4. Unleash Your Mobile

Brand: Samsung

5. Way Back Home

Brand: Red Bull

6. Roller Babies

Brand: Evian

7. Walls

Brand: BMW

8. The Force

Brand: VW

9. Crazy Marriage Proposal

Brand: Neuro water

10. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Brand: Old Spice

11. Challenge Accepted

Brand: Old Spice

12. Hugo – Just Different, Featuring Jared Leto

Brand: Hugo Boss


[Digital Sharing] – some cool Facebook apps

On a lighter side, here are some cool Facebook apps or use of Facebook to create nice campaigns… Enjoy your Wednesday!


Coke Zero Facial Profiler

This app was created to exemplify the similarities of Coke and Coke Zero – same taste (but with zero calories). Users are to either upload a photo or use their own profile photo, and then the app will find complete strangers that looked like you. Cool, huh? The app attracted over 150,000 users in the first month – this shows that if there is something that appeals to our egos (or just ourselves), we will definitely show interest and demand for it… This app got support from Facebook as the facial recognition technology in photo tagging was just released at that time. Too bad the app is no longer live… but still awesome nevertheless!









Your sad friend

People love to cheer their friends up when they are down. Ok, I assume you do too. Here’s an app aimed to find your saddest friends and you get to cheer them up! This was done in Israel for Yellow Convenience Stores – to launch their house brand series Yellow Fun To Go, and it proved to be a great way to make people happy – and of course using the brand cleverly.



Medal Of Honor

This digital campaign was developed to drive buzz around the launch of the highly anticipated Medal of Honor game in Singapore. It starts by leveraging on EA Singapore’s Facebook fans… First – a hijack on the fanpage and users who decoded the hijack will be brought into the real deal as a Tier One operator, bringing users around the island of Singapore finding answers to the clues (missions) that were released at different times. Solving the individual clues were easy, and those who read deeper into the answers figured it was actually a secret time, place and location of the final showdown – a paintball tournament (ala Tier One). And replicas of Medal of Honor were given out at the end of the paintball tournament.


The campaign got a 100% increase in fan base during the campaign period and was picked up by local and international bloggers, as well as game review sites. The conversation online was a positive one for the brand and the high level of interaction helped identified the brand advocates from the fans on the FB page.

Video: (crank up the volume and listen to the audio!)



[Digital Sharing] Social Media boo-boo

We all are active in social media… but are we socially responsible when we engage in this media? Have a look at the following examples.


1)      Never fake your Facebook fan page… This Member of Parliament in Singapore stated that his FB fan page has 23000+ likes. But when a journalist visited his page, he only has 200+ likes! This MP claims in his constituency there are 23000+ voters – well, sorry mate that’s not how it works here! J

Full story:


2)      Make sure you tweet with care… A Red Cross social media specialist had mistakenly tweeted a personal note on the Red Cross handle, instead of on her own. Red Cross was quick with a PR rescue plan and all is good in the end – apology accepted! But if there was no swift response, then it would have been worst… remember the BP oil spill issue?

Full story:


3)      Behave responsibly in the social space… Nestle got underfire when they tried to lobby for the removal of a Greenpeace-made video of a fake Kit Kat commercial, which claims on Nestle’s use of palm oil in their food products. Greenpeace reacted by getting their supporters to update their Facebook profile with anti-Nestle pictures (incorporating the many Nestle food brand’s logos) and to start posting on the Nestle FB page. The trouble started when Nestle’s FB content manager started sounding “rude” on the brand’s own FB page wall – replies to the comments were uncalled for, putting the brand image even lower than it already is (as a result of the video). It became a social media & PR nightmare for the brand giant… and in the end Nestle had to apologise for their “social” misconduct. It is a painful lesson for Nestle.

Full story:


4)      Never delete comments from your fans – no matter how negative they are… SapientNitro recently released a self-promo video on Facebook and when fans started to post comments, the agency started deleting those comments (horror!) – a big NO NO in social media responsibility. It gets even worse now that the video is deleted entirely! Thankfully some smart ones had managed to download a copy of the video and it’s now on Youtube! Well, if ego wasn’t in the way I’d think the video would be a successful viral! Well, now it’s a viral for the wrong reason…

Full story:

Here’s the video:


Social media is a really powerful channel and you must note that any damage can never be undone almost all the time… there are always on-lookers, by-standers (some automated) waiting and grabbing all these information. Be careful what you shout out there or how you behave! We do not want to create any PR or attention with the wrong reason… 🙂

[Digital Wednesday] – location based services

[For the folks at Lowe Vietnam]

Dear all,

Sorry, but this week’s Digital Wednesday is 1 day late… Anyhow, here are more digital campaigns to share, this time the use of LBS or Location Based Services. The 2 tools you probably use or familiar with are Foursquare and Facebook Places.

Catch A Choo

World renowned shoe designer, Jimmy Choo has created a social media campaign to launch a new shoe (trainer sneakers) – aptly called “Catch A Choo”.  The idea is pretty simple – a pair of the new Jimmy Choo’s trainers will check into some of the most exclusive and fashionable places in London, if you can track them down and “catch” them (via Foursquare check-in), then you can keep those shoes!








– 4,000 participants, a 40 percent increase in positive comments posted online and a 33 percent rise in sneaker sales


The Coke Machine Fairy

Coca Cola Australia wants to make the Coke vending machine a Happiness Machine. Using the Coke Machine Fairy, they aim to make known the locations of these Happiness Machines. Using Foursquare, the fairy checked in around Sydney and rewards users at the nominated vending machines. Followers/friends of the fairy (on Foursquare) will be informed on the location of the winning Happiness Machine. Announcements were made real-time by winners.











– 1,000+ participants in 2 weeks, the Coke Machine Fairy became a trending topic on social platforms, increased visibility of these Coke machines (on Foursquare).

> The Coke Machine Fairy:


There are other exciting treasure hunt-like activities on Foursquare – check them out here. Foursquare helps in unlocking the gems of a city… so, if you are not already on Foursquare… do sign-up! Get the app on your phone and explore new places… I am an avid user, especially since I am new to this city and I have found many good places.

These are treasure hunts done digitally, and you’d probably see more of these digital treasure hunts coming your way. Speaking of digital treasure hunts, here is another example.


Catch Lewis

This is for Nescafe Singapore, in conjunction with the launch of their limited edition Lewis Hamilton cans for the inaugural Singapore F1 in 2008. Participants are required to “race” around the internet (from social media sites, to game sites and news sites, etc – and not just using Foursquare) and quickly complete various tasks. The winner, the one who completed all tasks in the quickest time, got to meet Lewis Hamilton, and that was a key hook to drive engagement on the site, and subsequently pushed sales up.










– 270,000+ page views (6 weeks), 3000+ unique registrations, doubled sales to 15%

> Catch Lewis:



The above campaigns are using existing social platforms – which are free! These sites have existing APIs (or application programming interfaces) which anybody can use to integrate with existing campaign websites. And if there is a great idea, most of these social sites like Google or Foursquare, will provide their support for us to make the campaign work, in our way!

Come have a chat with me about it, if you want to consider any of the above tools in your campaign! In the coming weeks, I shall share some Facebook/Twitter campaign examples.

Have a good Thursday!

[Digital Wednesday] – video projection mapping technology

[For the folks at Lowe Vietnam]

Here’s my first e-sharing with everyone on the cool world of digital and/or use of technologies to activate brands. I will try and make this a weekly affair, so as to equip everyone with as much knowledge and exposure. If you have any questions, or need to bounce off any ideas, or just for a chat, do drop by the 12th floor – or you can reach me at ext 149.

Most of you would have seen these video clips of video projection mapping technology examples. Video projection mapping technology is not really new, as brands have already started riding on the phenomenon that has generated buzz among the people on the streets.

“Video Projection Mapping is an exciting new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. Specialized software is used to warp and mask the projected image to make it fit perfectly on irregularly shaped screens. When done right, the end result is a dynamic projection installation that transcends ordinary video projection.” – Reference from:


Here’s another example from Singapore – for an insurance company:

So, in short, brands can actually “own” a particular city landscape or make a landmark of their own on any wall/building of all shapes & sizes. Whatever it is, it will definitely wow the audience/masses and create talkability. Perhaps we can convince Unilever to do something on their Homebase building… 🙂

Enjoy your Wednesday, digital peeps!