[Marketing Interactive] Online Ads Strike A Chord With SEA Consumers

Greenkim: So, everything’s going mainstream… where’s the joy now? Anyway, the article below speaks more qualitative… so I am not too convinced YET. I need hard facts/numbers to prove to me, as always!


Regional – Close to three-quarters of consumers in Southeast Asia (73%) are highly influenced by online ads on social media sites, Nielsen in its latest report concluded.

The study further reveled that the number raised to 80% if the advertised brand had either been liked or gained a following among friends .

When asked how they feel about online advertising which was targeted at them based on previous purchases or websites visited, the majority of consumers in Southeast Asia (74%), , in comparison to only 58% globally, said it ‘made their lives easier’.

According to Nielsen’s APMEA regional managing director of advertising solutions, David Webb the trust and positive attitude shown by SEA consumers towards online advertisements and targeted content provides a wide range of engagement opportunities for companies and their target audience.

“As social media increasingly becomes a mainstream activity throughout the region, brands have been quick to ‘get on board’ with the practice of better understanding and connecting with their consumers when it comes to their advertising strategies, engagement and conversion,” he said.

The Nielsen report found that 69% of SEA consumers have ‘liked’ or followed a brand or company, significantly higher than the global average of 52% and higher again in countries such as Vietnam (79%) and Philippines (75%).

It also showed consumer generated media (consumer opinions posted online) is now one of the most trusted forms of media among the region’s digital consumers with an overall of 54% completely or somewhat trusting them.

“Today’s users of social networking sites in Southeast Asia are increasingly turning to social networking platforms to seek advice or recommendations, get discounts or special offers, or actively recommend products or brands,”

“As local consumers increase in their experience of using the internet, and their levels of confidence and sophistication, so too do they value and trust online content as a source of information,” Webb added.


By: Malati Siniah, Malaysia

Source: http://www.marketing-interactive.com/news/28086


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