[Marketing Interactive] Android To Lead Global Mobile Ad Market

Greenkim: This will be exciting to watch! I just wish mobile ads do not end up like web banner ads – i.e. missing out on the readers’ attention just because it is an expected thing (like newspaper ads too)! Then again, do all phones support the same ad format? Here’s what Google/Android is trying to fill that gap…

Global – Android will be the top global mobile ad platform by the end of 2011, according to InMobi’s Mobile Insights Report: Global Edition, Q2 July 2011.

During the quarter, Android captured an additional 1.9% share in the market to reach 16.6%.

While Nokia and Symbian operating system continue to be the top performing mobile platforms across the globe, with 19.6% and 19.0% ad share respectively, their market share has steadily diminished over the quarter.

“Given Android’s ongoing growth around the globe, it’s not surprising to see Google announce its strategic move to acquire Motorola Mobility,” InMobi vice-president global research and marketing James Lamberti, said.

“At the current growth trends, Android is expected to become the top mobile platform in the ad ecosystem by the end of the year and Google is clearly protecting it from competitive threats with the IP assets of Motorola Mobility.”

By: Cream Global, Global

Source: http://www.marketing-interactive.com/news/28080


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