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Yahoo! Inc. (Yahoo!), incorporated in 1995, together with its subsidiaries, is an online media company. The Company attracts users every month through its technology and engaging content and services. To users, it provides online properties and services (Yahoo! Properties or its Owned and Operated sites). To advertisers, it provides a range of marketing services designed to reach and connect with users of its Owned and Operated sites, as well as with Internet users beyond Yahoo! Properties, through a distribution network of third-party entities (its Affiliates) that have integrated the Company’s advertising offerings into their Websites, referred to as Affiliate sites, or their other offerings. The Company generates revenues by providing marketing services to advertisers across a majority of Yahoo! Properties and Affiliate sites. Its offerings to users on Yahoo! Properties fall into four categories: Integrated Consumer Experiences, Applications (Communications and Communities), Search, and Media Products and Solutions. In November 11, 2009, it acquired, an online portal in the Middle East with users from the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. In May 2010, the Company acquired Koprol.

The Company’s marketing services offerings include the display of graphical advertisements (display advertising), the display of text-based links to an advertiser’s Website (search advertising), listing-based services, and commerce-based transactions. The majority of its offerings are available in more than 25 languages. Yahoo!’s mobile services are available across the Company’s network of properties and through partnerships. Yahoo! has distribution partnerships with more than 80 carriers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world for distributing its mobile services.

Integrated Consumer Experiences

The Company’s Integrated Consumer Experiences offerings include the Yahoo! Home Page, My Yahoo!, Yahoo! Toolbar, Yahoo! Local, and Connected TV. These offerings are generally provided to users free of charge. The Company generates revenues from these offerings primarily from search and display advertising. Yahoo! Home Page ( is a navigation hub and starting point into Yahoo! Properties and the Internet, through a personal computer (PC) or mobile device. My Yahoo! is a personalized start page that delivers registered users information of personal interest to registered users through a user-customized interface.

Yahoo! Toolbar is a Web browser add-on that enables users to access Yahoo! Properties and third-party content through applications from anywhere on the Web. Yahoo! Local is a stand-alone local search offering, which helps users find local business listings and related content, such as recommendations, user reviews, merchant photos, and maps. Connected TV seamlessly integrates the Internet into the television experience in an open platform.


The Company’s Communications offerings, including Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger, provide a range of communication services to users and small businesses across a variety of devices and through its broadband Internet access partners. The Company offers some services free of charge to its users and also provides some services on a fee or subscription basis. It generates display advertising and fees revenues from these offerings. Yahoo! Mail provides users with e-mail functionality. In addition to its free e-mail service, for a subscription fee, it offers Yahoo! Mail Plus, an e-mail service that provides features, such as a display-ad-free interface. Yahoo! Messenger instant messaging service provides an interactive and personalized way for people to connect and share experiences on a real-time basis. Yahoo! offers mobile applications for Yahoo! Messenger.

The Company’s Communities offerings, including Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Answers, and Flickr, enable users to organize into groups and share knowledge, common interests, and photos. Yahoo! Groups provides members with shared access to information, such as message archives, photo albums, event calendars, and polls. Yahoo! Answers is a service where anyone can ask and answer questions on any topic. Flickr is an online photo management and sharing service that makes it easy for users to upload, store, organize, and share their photos. In addition to the basic service, Flickr offers a fee-based service with unlimited storage, uploads, and an advertising-free browsing and sharing interface. Yahoo! offers mobile applications for Flickr.


The Company’s Search offering is available free to users. It generates revenues through its Search offerings on Yahoo! and affiliate sites. Yahoo! Search, its search technology, provides users with a free search capability with search results ranked and sorted based on relevance to the users’ search query.

Media Products and Solutions

The Company’s Media Products and Solutions offerings are designed to engage users with online content and services on the Web organized into Media, and other offerings and services. Its online Media properties include news and entertainment destinations on the Internet. It generates revenue on its Media properties from display and search advertising and fee-based services. The Company’s Media properties include Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Entertainment & Lifestyles.

Yahoo! News provides stories from news agencies that are aggregated by its editorial team and augmented by in-house generated content focused on up-to-the-minute news coverage with video, text, photos, and audio. Yahoo! Finance provides a set of financial data, information, and tools that helps users make informed financial decisions. The content is primarily provided through relationships with a number of third-party providers. Yahoo! Sports offers free and fee-based fantasy games, up-to-the-minute sports news, real-time statistics, scores and game updates, broadcast programming, integrated shopping, and an online sports community. Yahoo! Entertainment & Lifestyles represents a collection of properties that provides users with information, and other engaging content centered around culture-related themes and activities with sites, such as Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! Music, Yahoo! TV, including Prime Time in No Time, which provides recaps of the previous evening’s prime time television shows, celebrity news (omg!), Yahoo! Games, and women’s lifestyles (Shine). In addition, its Media properties also include Websites devoted to specialty topics, such as Yahoo! Health, Yahoo! Tech, Yahoo! Education, and Yahoo! Weather.

The Company’s other offerings and services include Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! Travel, Yahoo! Real Estate, Yahoo! HotJobs, Yahoo! Personals, Yahoo! Autos, and Yahoo! Small Business. On these properties, users can research specific topics, products, services or areas of interest by reviewing and exchanging information, obtaining contact details or considering offers from providers of goods, services, or parties with similar interests. It generates revenue from listing fees, transaction fees, and display and search advertising on many of these properties, as well as from subscription fees for hosting, registering domains, and other services to small businesses seeking to maintain a Website. It also has properties tailored to users in specific international markets, which include commerce (auctions), blogging, and social networking Websites. Commerce properties, primarily based in its Asian markets, allow prospective buyers and sellers to enter into an online auction for goods, for which the Company earns a posting and transaction fee. These properties include Wretch and Monday in Taiwan.

The Company competes with Google, Inc., Microsoft, AOL, Inc., Facebook, Inc., and


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