Guard yourself against scams

You’re browsing Facebook and suddenly one of your friends instant messages you to tell you they’re stuck in another country, they’ve been robbed, don’t have a wallet, and need money to get home.

Criminals target a middle-class, middle-aged person with a steady job and a good credit history. They use details from the person’s Facebook account to find out where they live, work and go on holiday. The hacker steals their mail to get enough information to get a bank loan.

A hacker accesses an account and uses it to post links on each of that user’s friends’ walls. Friends will receive messages such as “Check out this funny video of you!” with a link that redirects to a fake Facebook login page.

A user receives a message purporting to be from a friend, including a link to a YouTube video. If you click on the video, you will be prompted to “upgrade your Flash player now” and asked to download a file which contains the Koobface worm.

Spoted this on, January 23, 2011

‘Facebook hackers stalk the network’ by Mark Russell


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